are you on a lifestyle
roller coaster?

  Feeling stuck and overwhelmed and not sure how to get off it?  

Oh Hello!
I'm Michelle~ mom of two an adult son and daughter in law, and teen daughter, wifey,  cat mom to Gus, total kitchen queen and self care/wellness solution enthusiast!.   

I help women find wellness solutions that create a fun, fit and healthy lifestyle customized to their needs while gracefully growing into middle age.  

After years of work in the medical world, my passion for better wellness choices lead me to discover solutions for a toxin free and natural lifestyle.  I incorporate holistic approaches for self care and wellness including nutrition, fitness, yoga, breath work, meditation and mindset as well as other modalities. 

I enjoy long walks through Target and boutiques, tea dates, my neighbor goat and sheep, I run for fun (yep), yoga, hiking, summer, the sun, paddle boarding, mountains and the ocean, outdoor adventures, nature, a good book, pretty pens and journals, sitting in my porch and chilling in my hammock! I am also a total spiritual woo woo lover of crystals, crystal singing bowls, palo Santo and sage, salt lamps, essential oils, meditation, prayer, oracle cards and bible journaling. 

With almost 20 years working as a certified massage therapist, a yoga student now registered yoga teacher,  and being brand partner for many quality wellness and lifestyle products, I can't help but share and empower women with these amazing self care tools.  I'm happy you're here.  Let's connect and live this magical life ✨


I'm passionate about... 

Self Care

Staying Active

& Nutrition

What if your life could be different?

Life happens, with or without us.  So many stages and phases.   
Join our community of women who experience the changes of growing through life and find contentment in your mind, body and soul with mindful solutions to this lifestyle phases. 
It's time to live the lifestyle you desire!


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