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So many years of experience with lifestyle roller coasters is my expertise!  From hustle to burn out and over again.  I get it.  It doesn't have to be that way.  Finding balance is impossible, but having tools to breathe and flow through the roller coasters is key.  

I am a Certified Massage Therapist for 20 years and Registered Yoga Teacher and have learned several self care key tips to help women find the right tools to handle lifestyle roller coasters.  With a background in fitness, nutrition as well as self care techniques, I empower my clients with simple tips to incorporate movement, breath work, mindset, meal prep, and find overall wellness solutions customized to lifestyle.  

I live a married life, blessed with two adult children + Gus my cat! 
I enjoy + strive to be active, adventurous + choose food for fuel.  I run for fun, love summer weather, paddle boarding, hiking, canoeing, board games, reading, target shooting + learning as a student of life.  

My lifestyle coaching offers include lifestyle guidance + specific wellness solutions to include customized movement / yoga sessions, breath work, meditation, nutrition + fitness goals, product + lifestyle changes, mindset + goal achievement unique to your personal needs while growing into middle age.

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 I'm passionate about... 

Self Care

Staying Active

& Nutrition

What if your life could be different?

Life has so many transitions.
Don't let it get you down!

Join our tribe of women to experience the transitions + challenges of life.  Learn to be content in your mind, body + soul with mindful solutions to incorporate into your lifestyle.
It's time to live the lifestyle you desire!


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